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Finstock Vilage Hall
Finstock and Cumnor Minutes


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Seventeenth Palm Sunday Singing Day
Finstock Village Hall
Sunday, 17th April 2011

The chairperson, Dave Townsend, called the class to order at 10.30 a.m., and welcomed everyone to the 17th Finstock singing day. He led the first song, 34b, and then called upon Bernard Collard to give the opening prayer. Leaders: Bernard Collard 59; Sofi Mogensen 31t; Sheila Girling Macadam 28t; Chris Brown 81t; Steve Welch 38t; Rachel Jordan 171; James Percival 30t; Judy Whiting 77b; Edwin Macadam 466; Margaret Gillanders 203; Nick Hall 535; Rebecca Over 534; Michael Walker 138b; Richard Percival 415; Steve Fletcher 352; Ted Brown 303; Bob Lilley 146; Sheila Girling Macadam 500; Dave Townsend 128; Bernard Collard 362; Steve Welch 566; Rachel Jordan 47t.


Edwin Macadam called the class back to order leading song on page 40. Leaders: Judy Whiting 273; James Percival 300; Chris Brown 311; Sofi Mogensen 148; Ted Brown 111b; Rebecca Over 532; Richard Percival 73b; Margaret Gillanders 30b; Nick Hall 455; Michael Walker 456 ; Steve Fletcher 411; Bob Lilley 412; Sheila Girling Macadam 480; Dave Townsend 481; Bernard Collard 28b; Judy Whiting 348b; James Percival 350; Chris Brown 95; Rebecca Over 95; Michael Walker 447; Sofi Mogensen 312b; Ted Brown 290; Steve Welch 49t; Margaret Gillanders 314; Edwin Macadam 236. Bernard Collard offered the lunchtime prayer.

Lunch Recess

Sheila Girling Macadam called the class to order by leading song on page 523. Leaders: Nick Hall 569b; Richard Percival 228; Bob Lilley 515; Steve Fletcher 376; Rachel Jordan 501; Bernard Collard 63; Dave Townsend 318; Judy Whiting 354t; James Percival 474; Sofi Mogensen 86.

The memorial lesson was led by Bernard Collard who invited the class to think of all the names listed: Jan Cuttle of Sowerby Bridge; George Seiler of New York, USA; Valerie Munday of Southampton; Linda Champ of Winchester; Bob Meek of Kentucky, USA; Mike Keilley of Derby; Joe Hall of Eridge; Judith Bowness and Peter Nock of Windermere; Malcolm Denny of Liverpool; Gerty Taylor of Wybunbury; June Richards and Stan Whitby of Redditch; Marion Biggs of Ringmer; Alan Nowell of Lancaster; Alan Cooper of Seaford; Joyce Over of Camberley; Jenny Reeves of Billericay; Lisbeth Poulsen of Denmark; Glynne Williams of Cardiff; Ghani Ishak of Malaysia. Michael Walker led song 163b for the deceased. Bernard Collard led the lesson for the Sick and Housebound. The names of the Sick and Housebound were read out as listed: Mandy Townsend of Oxford; Philip Ralls of Bristol; John Seaton of Illinois, USA; Charlie Digbeth of St. Louis, Montana, USA; John Merritt of Alabama, USA; Maureen Gamlin of Derby; Helen Brown of Derby; Georgina Denny of Liverpool; Jock Knight of Doddington; Peter Schoongans of London; Tom Hodgkinson of Worcestershire; Lionel Wollenberg of Oxford; Maureen Jones of Clifton, Bedfordshire; Marjorie Franks of Chandlers Ford; Charlie Joseph of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sheila Girling Macadam then led song 56b for the Sick and Housebound. Bernard  Collard read out the names on the Celebrations list: Fiona and Laura are both expecting Jan and Dave Greenís 5th and 6th grandchildren. Bernard Collard led song 64 for those on the Celebrations List.

The class resumed with Steve Welch leading song on page 473. Leaders: Rebecca Over 53; Margaret Gillanders 492; Richard Percival 452; Edwin Macadam 280; Steve Fletcher 131t; Ted Brown 391; Michael Walker 336; Nick Hall 183.


The class was called to order by Bob Lilley leading song on page 276. Leaders: Rachel Jordan 288; Sheila Girling Macadam 294; Dave Townsend 454; Bernard and Anne Collard 178; Chris Brown 48b; Steve Welch 479; Ted Brown 225t; Michael Walker 227; Margaret Gillanders 76b; Rebecca Over 208; Steve Fletcher 472; Bob Lilley 504; Edwin and Sheila Macadam 332; Rachel Jordan and Nick Hall 155; Sofi Mogensen and John Taylor 84; Richard and James Percival 209.

Announcements were made and thanks extended to all those who had helped during the day.  A total of 89 items were led during the singing day by 16 leaders. Bernard Collard offered the closing prayer before Dave Townsend closed the singing by leading song 323t.  

Chairperson: Dave Townsend;
Chaplain: Bernard Collard;
Arranging Committee: Sheila Girling Macadam;
Pitchers: Dave Townsend, Rachel Jordan, Michael Walker;
Secretary: Sofi Mogensen;
Finance Officer: Mandy Townsend;
Catering Organiser: Anne Collard.


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