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Finstock Vilage Hall
Finstock and Cumnor Minutes


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Sixteenth Palm Sunday Singing Day
Finstock Village Hall
Sunday, 28th March 2010

Sixteenth Annual Finstock Palm Sunday Sacred Harp singing was held on Sunday 28 March 2010. The chairperson, Mandy Townsend called the class to order at 10.30 a.m. and welcomed everyone to the 16th Finstock singing day. She called upon Bernard Collard to give the opening prayer and then led the first song, 52t. Leaders: Dave Townsend 47t; Sheila Macadam 28t; Sofi Mogensen 31t; Nick Hall 147t; Bernard Collard 171; Rachel Jordan 287; Edwin Macadam 38t; Mandy Townsend 105; Dave Townsend 155; Sheila Macadam 168; Sofi Mogensen 135; Nick Hall 464; Bernard Collard 362; Rachel Jordan 300; Edwin Macadam 315; Mandy Townsend 542; Dave Townsend 344; Sheila Macadam 65; Sofi Mogensen 276.


Nick Hall called the class back to order leading song on page 569b. Leaders: Bernard Collard 501; Rachel Jordan 384; Edwin Macadam 334; Mandy Townsend 72b; Dave Townsend 481; Sheila Macadam 461; Sofi Mogensen 84; Nick Hall 455; Bernard Collard 454; Rachel Jordan 99; Edwin Macadam 504; Mandy Townsend 203; Dave Townsend 112; Sheila Macadam 198; Sofi Mogensen 107; Nick Hall 503; Bernard Collard 63; Rachel Jordan 350; Edwin Macadam 40; Mandy Townsend 39t. Bernard Collard offered the lunchtime prayer.


Dave Townsend called the class to order by leading song on page 127. Leaders: Sheila Macadam 365; Sofi Mogensen 278t; Nick Hall 389; Bernard Collard 480; Rachel Jordan 457; Edwin Macadam 181; Mandy Townsend 448t.

The memorial lesson was led by Bernard Collard who invited the class to think of all the names listed. The names of the deceased were read out by Bernard Collard as listed: Jancis Wilson, Chris Walker, Hilary Tomlin of New Zealand, Ron Walker of Stockport, Erik Mogensen, Suzanne Reeves, Charlie Gillett, John Magill, Margaret Borthwick, Barbara Scott. Nick Hall led song 163b for the deceased. Bernard Collard led the lesson for the Sick and Housebound. The names of the Sick and Housebound were read out by John Taylor as listed:  George Seiler of New York State, Joyce Over of Camberley, Jenny Reeves of Billericay. Sheila Macadam then led song 68b for the Sick and Housebound. Bernard Collard read out the names on the Celebrations list: Edwin Macadam for his retirement, Jan and Dave Green for their new grandson, and Bernard Collard for coming 3rd in a music competition. Bernard Collard led song 228 for those on the celebrations list.

The class resumed with Sheila Macadam leading song on page 474. Leaders: Dave Townsend 496; Sofi Mogensen 148; Nick Hall 49b; Bernard Collard 29t; Rachel Jordan 142; Edwin Macadam 236; Mandy Townsend 313b.


The class was called to order by Dave Townsend leading song on page 318. Leaders: Sheila Macadam 439; Sofi Mogensen 332; Nick Hall 497; Bernard Collard 472; Rachel Jordan 473; Edwin Macadam 183; Mandy Townsend 302; Dave Townsend 178.

Announcements were made and thanks extended to all those who had helped during the day.A total of 71 items were led during the singing day by 8 leaders.

Bernard Collard offered the closing prayer before Dave and Mandy Townsend closed the singing by leading song 323t.

Chairperson: Mandy Townsend
Chaplain: Bernard Collard
Arranging committee: Mandy Townsend, Sheila Macadam
Pitchers: Dave Townsend, Rachel Jordan
Secretary: Mandy Townsend, Sheila Macadam
Finance officer: Mandy Townsend


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