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Sussex Shapenote Singing
Village Hall
West Sussex
Saturday, 10th March 2018

The 20th annual Sussex Shape Note singing was held in Staplefield Village Hall, using the Sacred Harp (1991 edition) and Alternative Harmony (AH), a booklet of other shape note tunes.  The class was called to order by the co-chairs Tony Singleton and Jill Thompson leading 276.  Leaders: Steve Welch 147b; Rebecca Over 275t; Derek Buckland 33b; Nancy Novotny 350; Seth Dickens 47; Sheila Girling Macadam 70b; Edwin Macadam 416; Ian Lamb 50b; Teresa Maguire 72b; Machna Nowak 300; Rob Mahoney 107; Rachel Jordan 517; Steve Biggs 49b; Catherine Roberts 65; Nick Hall 293; Amy Cutts 348t; Guy Hayes 101t; Cath Saunt 99; Ron Hollman 81t; Sarah Hill 204; Caroline Edwards 163b; Tony Singleton 198; Jill Thompson 142; Steve Welch 489; Rebecca Over 558; Derek Buckland 29t; Nancy Novotny 460; Seth Dickens 114.


Sheila Girling Macadam and Diane Heywood called the class to order leading 146.  Leaders: Edwin Macadam 332; Ian Lamb 70t; Neil Horlock 324; Catherine Roberts 28b; Machna Nowak 122; Nick Hall 439; Teresa Maguire 89; Steve Biggs 155; Amy Cutts 551; Rob Mahoney 455; Cath Saunt 272; Ron Hollman 391; Rachel Jordan 112; Guy Hayes 163t; Caroline Edwards 86; Neil Horlock 38b; Sarah Hill 447; Tony Singleton 457; Rebecca Over 485; Derek Buckland 565; Nancy Novotny 505.


Seth Dickens called the class to order leading 452.  Leaders: Nick Hall 377; Guy Hayes 511; Edwin Macadam 355; Rachel Jordan 319; Sarah Hill 365; Sheila Girling Macadam 215; Cath Saunt 203; Teresa Maguire 444.

Remembrance Lesson: Rob Mahoney gave a combined Memorial and Sick and House-bound lesson and Jill Thompson led 178 with Jean Mahoney reading the names.  Memorial: Hugh MacGraw (USA), Wawena Entrekin Miles (USA), Louise Holland (USA), Daphne Causey (USA), Darrell Swarens (USA), Steve Helwig (USA), Heather Mancel, Joan Smith, Peter Barker, Rollo Woods, Mark Girling (Spain), Jennifer Bennett (Canada), Frank Pigott, Stefania Nowak, Bert Harwood, Hilary Edwards, Joan Liley, Barbara Taylor, Helen Green, Ray Strachan, Kathleen Evelyn Rowell, Anthony David Rice.  Sick and Housebound: Ottis Sides (USA), Idy Kiser (USA), Denice Mansi, Rob Burbea, Dave Cooper, Keith Mendes, Galina Mendes, Andy Spence, Kirsty Biss, John McCloud, Lotte Lack.  The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Catherine Roberts 472; Steve Welch (AH New England); Ian Lamb 195; Machna Nowak 445; Ron Hollman 328; Rob Mahoney 454; Amy Cutts 39t; Tony Singleton (AH Walpole); Steve Biggs (AH Life's Purpose); Neil Horlock 267; Caroline Edwards 228.


Derek Buckland called the class to order leading 354b.  Leaders: Jill Thompson (AH Ten Thousand Charms); Steve Welch (AH Firm Hope); Nancy Novotny 129; Teresa Maguire 83t; Seth Dickens 496; Machna Nowak 145b; Ron Hollman 396; Catherine Roberts 31t; Neil Horlock 299; Cath Saunt 217; Rob Mahoney (AH Evening Hymn); Amy Cutts 160; Ian Lamb 523; Caroline Edwards 47b; Guy Hayes 37b; Rebecca Over 201; Edwin Macadam 501; Sheila Girling Macadam 542; Rachel Jordan 475.

The secretary reported that 38 had attended and 92 songs had been sung.  Thanks were extended and announcements made.  The 21st Sussex Shape Note singing will be held on Saturday, 9th March, 2019.  Jill Thompson and Tony Singleton led 347 as the closing song and the class was dismissed.

Co-chairmen--Jill Thompson and Tony Singleton; Secretaries--Mary Welch and Jean Mahoney.


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