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Sussex Shapenote Singing
Village Hall
West Sussex
Saturday, 12th March 2016

The 18th annual Sussex Shape Note singing was held in Staplefield Village Hall, using the Sacred Harp (1991 edition) and Alternative Harmony, a booklet of other shape note tunes. The class was called to order by the co-chairs Tony Singleton and Jill Thompson leading 276. Leaders: Rachel Jordan 47t; Robert Stoddard 37b; Nick Hall 225t; Rebecca Over 100; Steve Welch 50b; Sarah Hill 67; Rob Mahoney 86; Una Nicholson 217; Tom Gerber 448b; Mark Percival 159; Steve Fletcher 63; Edwin Macadam 208; Joanne Lewis 178; Ian Lamb 287; Sheila Girling Macadam 157; Piers Blewett 143; Guy Hayes 274t; Catherine Roberts 49b; Stephen Biggs 49t; Seth Dickens 282; Jill Thompson 504; Tony Singleton 277; Rachel Jordan 411; Robert Stoddard 112; Nick Hall 455; Rebecca Over 336; Steve Welch 147b; Sarah Hill 187.


Steve Fletcher called the class to order leading 28t. Leaders: Tom Gerber 117; Una Nicholson 515; Rob Mahoney 107; Joanne Lewis 45t; Piers Blewett 523; Mark Percival 313b; Sheila Girling Macadam 436; Stephen Biggs 155; Ian Lamb 99; Catherine Roberts 278t; Edwin Macadam 571; Guy Hayes 153; Seth Dickens 312; Jill Thompson 288; Tony  Singleton 300; Rachel Jordan 61; Robert Stoddard 468; Steve Welch 569t; Rebecca Over 216; Nick Hall 182; Sarah Hill 512.


Tony Singleton called the class to order leading 40; Leaders: Jill Thompson 34b; Rob Mahoney 209; Una Nicholson 198; Tom Gerber 148; Edwin Macadam 550; Joanne Lewis 113; Ian Lamb 84; Steve Fletcher 122.

Rob Mahoney conducted the Memorial Lesson and Sheila Girling Macadam led 163b with Mike Cooper reading the names:  C W Garner  (Georgia, USA), George Garner (Georgia, USA), Robert Dupree (Alabama, USA), Chris Swayne (Stevenage, Herts), Pino (Italy), Mike Spittal  (London), June Howieson (Hove, Sussex), Audrey Liddle (Doncaster), George Reed (Bedford), Sarah Hauser (Oregon, USA), Eileen Wilson (Nailsea, Somerset), Oliver Kindig-Stokes (Pennsylvania, USA), David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Terry Wogan, George Martin.

Rob Mahoney conducted the Sick and Housebound Lesson and Rachel Jordan led 457 with Una Nicholson reading the names: Earlis McGraw (Georgia, USA), Jeanette Dupoy (Georgia, USA), Sandra Goddard (Lewes, Sussex), Brenda Twelvetree (London), Lucy Chadwick (Wimbledon), Jeremy (Cranleigh), Paula Mogensen (Billericay, Essex), Ian West (Madeley, Salop), Bob Withycombe (London), Ruth Steggles (Nottingham). The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Guy Hayes 511; Stephen Biggs 228; Steve Welch 467; Una Nicholson 280; Nick Hall 528; Rebecca Over 77t; Robert Stoddard 142; Piers Blewett 430; Rob Mahoney 268; Sarah Hill 434.


Tony Singleton called the class to order leading 128. Leaders: Jill Thompson 454; Joanna Lewis 95; Ian lamb 452; Sheila Girling Macadam 521; Stephen Biggs Life's Purpose (Alt.H.); Steve Fetcher Red Lion (Alt.H.); Guy Hayes 39t; Rob Mahoney 503; Rachel Jordan 373; Edwin Macadam 466; Una Nicholson 344; Steve Welch New England (Alt.H.), Piers Blewett 547; Rebecca Over 69t; Nick Hall Idumean Road (Alt.H.); Sarah Hill 390; Robert Stoddard Walpole (Alt.H.).

The secretary reported that 41 had attended and 90 songs had been sung. Thanks were extended and announcements made.  It was noted that the 2017 Sussex Shapenote singing would be held on Saturday, 11th March 2017. Jill Thompson and Tony Singleton led 347 as the closing song and the class was dismissed.

Co-chairmen: Jill Thompson and Tony Singleton    Secretary: Mary Welch


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