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Sussex Shapenote Singing
Blue Idol Meeting House

West Sussex
Saturday, 16 March 2002



Tony Singleton

479 Chester Bernard Collard
362 Norwich Mike Bailey
107 Russia John Wilson
171 Exhortation Ros Clements
52t Albion Helen Brown
84 Amsterdam Margaret Gillanders
122 All is Well Jackie Patten
497 Natick Jill Thompson
38b Windham Steve Fletcher
314 Cleburne Adrian Bolge
99 Gospel Trumpet Tony Singleton
217 Ballstown Bernard Collard
312t Sing to me of Heaven Mike Bailey
503b Lloyd John Wilson
312b Restoration Sue Hill & Tony Singleton
538 Hampton Ros Clements
39b Sharpsburg Helen Brown
515 Federal Street Margaret Gillanders
146 Hallelujah Jackie Patten
370 Monroe Adrian Bolge
496 The Rock that is Higher than I Jill Thompson
182 Newburgh Edwin Macadam
535 Shawmut Sheila Girling Smith
324 Northport Steve Fletcher
518 Heavenly Anthem Mike Bailey
523 Pleyel's Hymn 2nd John Wilson
534 New Georgia Ros Clements
350 Nativity Margaret Gillanders
455 Soar Away Helen Brown & Sarah Clayfield
143 Pleyel's Hymn 1st Jackie Patten
277 Antioch Tony Singleton




Lunch recess


299 New Jerusalem Jill Thompson
150 Amity Adrian Bolge
528 Showers of Blessings Edwin Macadam
142 Stratfield Sheila Girling Smith




Memorial Lesson *

Conducted by Bernard Collard

37 Prospect Tony Singleton
Sick and Housebound Lesson ** Conducted by Bernard Collard
475 Thankful Heart Sheila Girling Smith
452b Martin Steve Fletcher
88b Mount Zion Mike Bailey
344 Rainbow John Wilson
468 Bristol Ros Clements
327 Invitation Helen Brown
66 Jordan the First Margaret Gillanders
155 Northfield Jackie Patten
147t Boylston Adrian Bolge
454 Better Land Jill Thompson
504 Wood Street Tony Singleton
63 Coronation Bernard Collard
34b St Thomas Steve Fletcher
40 Lenox Mike Bailey
236 Easter Anthem Edwin Macadam
117 Babylon is Fallen Sheila Girling Smith
38t Winter Ros Clements
345t Jesus is my Friend Helen Brown
148 Jefferson Margaret Gillanders
28b Wells Jackie Patten
178 Africa Adrian Bolge & Sue Hill
37b Liverpool Jill Thompson
168 Cowper Tony Singleton

60 songs sung
27 attended

Records provided by Tony Singleton

* Memorial Lesson for: Ralph Earnes (married in that Meeting Room), Marilyn Hood, Rinie Loaders, Leslie Greaves, Valerie Duckworth, Winston Redford Smith, Barbara Griggs, Ralph Lynn, Penny Rowlinson's father, John Thick and Ben Bailey.

** Sick and Housebound Lesson for: Jeanne Paine, Gordon Ashman, Dorothy William, Annie Melnar, Tom Mattock, Barbara Foster, Joan Gillanders, Rosalind Oldham, Friends in Zimbabwe, Helen Sizer, Helen Bray, June Powell, Sue Could, Rose Singleton, Charlie Lawrence, Roy Semmer's mother,  and Jan Cooksley's mother.


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