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Gwehelog Methodist Chapel
First Gwehelog Sacred Harp Singing Day - Minutes
Gwehelog Methodist Chapel
Nr. Usk
Saturday, 17 July 1999

The First Gwehelog Sacred Harp Singing Day opened at 10.00 a.m. with prayers lead by Revd. Catherine Campbell-Hyde. Ken Baddley led song on page 34b. Leaders: Edwin Macadam 47b; Judy Whiting 68b; Bernard Collard 217; Helen Brown 171; Tony Singleton 312b; Sheila Girling Smith 28t; Dave Richardson 303b; Steve Fletcher 148; Paul Sanderson 268; Ruth Cooper 143; Paul Setford 45t; Rosie Setford 95; Alan Weeks 152; Ros Clements 173; Diane Mennella 318; Carol Keith with Diane Mennella 128; Jan Wilson 40. We sang 34b to Happy Birthday to You for Jan Wilson and Sheila Girling Smith. Antonina Spittal with Sheila Girling Smith 299.


Ken Baddley led song on page 287. Leaders: Edwin Macadam 135; Judy Whiting 32t; Bernard Collard 49b (for Laura Densmore); Helen Brown 542; Tony Singleton 77t; Sheila Girling Smith 210; Dave Richardson 473; Steve Fletcher 360; Paul Sanderson 183; Ruth Cooper 276; Paul Setford 31t; Rosie Setford with Arwen Lockley 47t; Alan Weeks 228; Ros Clements 340; Diane Mennella 28b; Jan Wilson 209; Mandy Townsend 48t; Dave Townsend 146; Edwin Macadam 66; Sheila Girling Smith 474 (for Rachel Jordan and for Bruce Randall to celebrate his 1,500th composition earlier this month). Grace was said by Paul Sanderson.


Judy Whiting called the class to order and led song on page 350. Leaders: Bernard Collard 454; Helen Brown 484; Tony Singleton 504; Shelley Phillips 497; Barry Phillips 155. Memorial Lesson was taken by Ken Baddley. We remembered Mel Williams, Sylvia Whiting, Pauline Muir, Dr. Anne Mitson, Mary Moorhead and Mary Seymour. Bernard Collard led song on page 163. Bernard Collard asked us to remember the Sick and Housebound, including Evelyn Meakin, Barbara Foster and Susan Smith. Sheila Girling Smith led song on page 86.


Edwin Macadam led song on page 236. Leaders: Dave Richardson 496; John Williams 112; Steve Fletcher 35t; Paul Sanderson 178; Ruth Cooper 457; Paul Setford 127; Rosie Setford 440; Alan Weeks 479; Ros Clements 339; Diane Mennella 107; Mandy Townsend 106; Dave Townsend 378b; Sheila Girling Smith 159. Announcements were made and thanks passed to the Circuit for their kindness in allowing the chapel to be used for the singing day. Thanks were also recorded to the officers. Ken Baddley closed the day's singing leading song on page 99. All present were invited to stay on to sing selections from Sacred Songs and Solos by Sankey and Moody.

Officers :
Chairman: Ken Baddley; Executive Committee: Judy Whiting, Edwin Macadam, Dave Richardson and Chris Gardner. Arranging Committee: Sheila Girling Smith. Catering Committee: Jan Wilson, Terry Savage, Charlotte Bailey, Ann Weeks and lady members of the chapel congregation.


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