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Winchester All Day Sacred Harp Singing
Second Singing Day
St Paul's Church Hall
Saturday, 10 August 2019

The second annual Winchester All-Day Singing was called to order by Nigel Bowley leading 33b. Callum Woods offered the opening prayer.

Leaders; Brenda Harvey 34b, Jenny Pett 92, Edwin Macadam 84, Michelle Rice 47t, Caroline Edwards 178, Sheila Girling Macadam 523, Rebecca Over 378t (In memory of Ruth Daniel), Samuel Turner 29t, Amy Cutts 288, Nick Hall 497, Janette Lawrence 52t, Alec Williams 207, Teresa McGuire 71, Seth Dickens 227, Maggie Eisman-Renyard 72b, Steve Welch 147b, Joyce Smith 322, Ted Brown 32t, Joss Tate 275t, Callum Woods 123t, George Simms 348t, Derek Buckland 104, Rachel Jordan 105, Pete Eisman-Renyard 66, Catherine Roberts 30b, Michael Walker 351.


Brenda Harvey called the class back to order leading 39t. Leaders; Michelle Rice 101b, April Grant 34t, Nigel Bowley 47b, Jenny Pett 282, Edwin Macadam 260, Rebecca Over 392, Caroline Edwards 300, Helen Peake 174, Samuel Turner 426b, Amy Cutts 272, Sheila Girling Macadam 372, Nick Hall and Nate Gehring 455, Janette Lawrence 82t, Alec Williams 176t, Teresa McGuire 176b, Seth Dickens 538, Rachel Jordan 565, Callum Woods 65, Ted Brown 549, Joss Tate 457, Steve Welch 569t, Maggie Eisman-Reynard 35, Derek Buckland 70b, Joyce Smith 320, George Simms 417, Michael Walker 440, Callum Woods 432. Edwin Macadam asked the blessing for the mid-day meal.


Pete Eisman-Reynard called the class back to order leading 504. Leaders: Catherine Roberts 217, Sue Bird 86, Nigel Bowley 517, Michelle Rice 421, Caroline Edwards 107, Edwin Macadam 198, Rebecca Over 547, Samuel Turner 321, Amy Cutts 133, Nick Hall 478, Sheila Girling Macadam 411, Ted Brown 134, Rachel Jordan 181, Alec Williams 148, Joss Tate 335, Seth Dickens 383, Teresa McGuire 444, Derek Buckland 390, April Grant 448b, Joyce Smith 480, Callum Woods 406, George Simms 368, Michael Walker and Brenda Harvey 266.


Jenny Pett brought the class back to order leading 121. Leaders: Pete Eisman-Reynard 117, Steve Welch 467, Helen Peake 91, April Grant 312b, Janette Lawrence 270, Ted Brown 113, Maggie Eisman-Renyard 496, Brenda Harvey 159, Alec Williams 339, Rebecca Over 483, Samuel Turner 358, Rachel Jordan 460, Derek Buckland 119, Michael Walker 506, Seth Dickens 122, Teresa McGuire 445, Callum Woods 83, Amy Cutts 481, Nick Hall 228, Nigel Bowley and Brenda Harvey 62.

Alec Williams offered the closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Chairman--Nigel Bowley; Vice Chairman--Brenda Harvey; Secretaries--Mary Welch and Rebecca Over; Arranging Committee--Sheila Girling Macadam.


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