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Oxted Minutes

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Sing Oxted!
Oxted United Reform Church
Saturday, 10 April 2010

At the invitation of Martin Williams, the second singing day at Oxted URC was called to order at 11am by Chairman Michael Walker leading 45t. Chaplain Ken Baddley offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Steve Fletcher, 48t; Dave Richardson, 52t; Linda Reed, 479; Nick Hall, 350; Sofi Mogensen, 84; Helen Brown, 492; Ken Baddley, 34b; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod, 70t; Ted Brown, 303; Michael Walker, 101t and 528; Dave Richardson, 274b; Steve Fletcher, 38b and 201; Linda Reed, 99 and 49b; Nick Hall, 287 and 515; Helen Brown, 47t and 171; Dave Richardson, 148; Sofi Mogensen, 28t and 312b; Ken Baddley, 192 and 121; Rebecca Over, 277; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod, 29t and 179; Ted Brown, 81t; Jan Lawrence, 178; Michael Walker, 77t and 53; Steve Fletcher, 40 and 315; Linda Reed, 210 and 361; Nick Hall, 318 and 501; Helen Brown, 542 and 270; Sofi Mogensen, 31t and 332; Ken Baddley, 569b and 569t; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod, 384 and 512; Rebecca Over, 274t; Ted Brown, 496 and 35; Michael Walker, 138b; Steve Fletcher, 131t; Linda Reed, 300; Nick Hall, 455; Helen Brown, 549.

Michael Walker gave the Memorial lesson, speaking of how the stories of his grandparents and great-grandparents told within his family serve to keep them alive in the family’s memory; he drew a parallel with the remembrance of singers within the Sacred Harp community. We remembered these people: Marie Holloway, Maryland; Chris Walker, Sussex; Mel Browne, Devon; Cathy Itzin, London; David Lee, Essex; Marilyn Jupp, London; Jim Lewis, Bedford; Ron Lewis, Devon; Len Lewis, Oxford; Erik Mogensen, France; Suzanne Reeves, Essex; Alf Reeves-Easton, Surrey; Glynne Williams, Cardiff. Michael Walker led the song on 278t in their memory.

Steve Fletcher gave the Sick and housebound lesson, speaking of the patience and dedication of stonemasons who spend their whole working lives in one cathedral, and how we can learn from them to abide and to find a way to take small steps in a grand compass, as a way of renovating our own lives. We held in mind these people: Rita Drayson, London; Joyce Over, Surrey; Carl Lawrence, Hampshire; Maureen Gamlin, Derby; Linda Moss, Manchester; Jenny Reeves, Essex. Steve Fletcher led the song on 68b in their honour, Ken Baddley gave a prayer for all those named.

Leaders: Sofi Mogensen, 228; Ken Baddley, 481; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod, 134; Jan Lawrence, 163b; Ted Brown, 111b; Michael Walker, 289; Steve Fletcher, 183; Linda Reed, 86; Nick Hall, 146; Helen Brown, 475; Sofi Mogensen, 503; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod, 448t; Jan Lawrence, 117; Ted Brown, 445; Steve Fletcher, 65. Following notices of forthcoming singing events, Ken Baddley led 497 and gave the closing prayer. Michael Walker closed the day with 62.

Chairman--Michael Walker; Secretary--Steve Fletcher


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