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Allestree Methodist Church

New Year's Day Minutes

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New Year's Day Sacred Harp Singing
Methodist Chapel
1 January 2007

Singing was from the 1991 edition of The Sacred Harp unless otherwise stated.
CB = Cooper Book
OC = Own composition


The annual New Year’s Day singing was called to order by Helen Brown leading 52t. Helen Brown welcomed everyone and offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairlady--Helen Brown; Arranging Committee--Dave Richardson; Secretary--Margaret Gillanders.

Leaders: Dave Richardson 565; Margaret Gillanders 171; Rosalind Oldham 503; Bernard Collard 32t; Sarah Pinney 48t; Ted Brown 49b; Judy Whiting 212; Ruth Steggles 143; Chris Brown 45t; Hannah Land 313b; Helen Brown 276; Linda Davies-Holmes 268; Margaret Gillanders 373.


Dave Richardson called the class back with 274t. Leaders: Rosalind Oldham 127; Bernard Collard 362; Sarah Pinney 155; Ted Brown 38t (CB); Judy Whiting 507b (CB); Ruth Steggles 573 (CB); Chris Brown 449 (CB); Hannah Land 148.

The memorial and sick and housebound lessons were conducted by Gillian White, and the lists were read. The following deceased were remembered: Derek Davies, Chris Hall, Dick Elliott, George (from Castleton), Alice Rose Cole, Gertie Baker, Alan Burton, Eileen Barker, Sally Lee, Mary Holdridge, Les Holdridge, Sheila Chilton, Louise Klymco, and Meili Hawthorne.

The names of the sick and housebound included Chris Chapman, Lilian Shufflebotham, Margaret Robinson, Vera Foster, Meriel Byrne, Edward Byrne, Jean Barton, Geoff Bingham, Sue Briggs, Nora Jeffery, Mick Lovely, Gareth Griffiths, John Powell, June Powell, Deirdre Powell, Maureen Gamlin, Dennis Runcorn, James Oss (Indiana, USA), and Bernard Walters.

Ted Brown led 68b for all those remembered. Bernard Collard offered prayer, and the memorial was closed.

Leaders: Helen Brown 556; Linda Davies-Holmes 209; Margaret Gillanders 500 (CB); Dave Richardson 473. Bernard Collard offered grace for the mid-day meal.


Matt Wojcik re-convened the class leading 98 (CB). Leaders: Rosalind Oldham 199 (CB); Bernard Collard 300 (CB); Steve Fletcher 106; Sarah Pinney 504; Chris Brown 441; Rosie Wojcik 377; Judy Whiting 367 (CB); Gillian White 49t; Ted Brown 73b; Ruth Steggles 571 (CB); Linda Davies-Holmes 178; Hannah Land 454; Helen Brown 478 (CB); Margaret Gillanders 475; Matt Wojcik 456; Rosalind Oldham 54t (CB); Bernard Collard 36t; Steve Fletcher 448t; Sarah Pinney 481.


The class resumed singing with Chris Brown leading 47b. Leaders: Dave Richardson 457; Rosie Wojcik 144; Judy Whiting 312b; Ruth Steggles 505 (CB); Linda Davies-Holmes 159; Hannah Land 574 (CB); Gillian White 107; Margaret Gillanders 511t (CB); Matt Wojcik 76b; Rosalind Oldham 575 (CB); Bernard Collard 63; Steve Fletcher 282.

Following announcements, Helen Brown led “The Christian’s Love” as the closing song. Simon White offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairlady--Helen Brown; Secretary--Margaret Gillanders




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