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Leicester Minutes

Previous Singing Days
took place in Leicester on
4 March 1998
27 February 1999
26 February 2000
but the Minutes are
not available.




Leicester Sacred Harp Sing
Fourth Singing Day
Saturday, 24 February 2001

Around 30 singers gathered in the octagon of St John the Baptist Parish Church in Leicester for the fourth annual Sacred Harp Singing Day. Ian West called the class to order by leading the song on page 479. Ian welcomed the singers and Helen Brown gave the opening prayer. Dave Richardson then lead the song on page 32t. Leaders: Rosalind Oldham 66; Brian Noon 159; Ruth Cooper 299; Bernard Collard 535; Margaret Gillanders 49t; Bob Lilley 178; Helen Brown 228; Dave Cooper 36b; Simon Beirne  180; Sheila Girling Smith 155; Edwin Macadam 150; Ian West 84; Rosalind Oldham 49b; Brian Noon 30t; Ruth Cooper 86; Bernard Collard 63; Bob Lilley 466.


The class was brought together by Dave Richardson leading the song on page 111t. Leaders: Margaret Gillanders 148; Helen Brown 50b; Dave Cooper 324; Simon Beirne  34b; Sheila Girling Smith 349; Edwin Macadam 513; Mandy Townsend 212; Dave Townsend 196; Ian West 182; Rosalind Oldham 146; Brian Noon 294; Ruth Cooper 454; Bernard Collard 183; Margaret Gillanders 143; Bob Lilley 551; Helen Brown 198. Helen Brown then offered a prayer of thanks for the meal which followed.


The afternoon session resumed with Dave Richardson leading the song on page 81t. Leaders: Dave Cooper 171; Simon Beirne  268; Sheila Girling Smith 504; Edwin Macadam 497; Mandy Townsend 448t; Dave Townsend 503; Jill Thompson 441; Steve Fletcher 142; Ian West 300; Rosalind Oldham 452; Brian Noon 40; Ruth Cooper 233.

Bernard Collard gave the Memorial lesson, during which he told a parable about the importance of valuing people while they are still alive. He then led the song “Relief” for the following deceased: Margaret Sisson, Bert Crashaw, Ben Bailey, Gerald and Pat Jones, Ruth Hayes, Peggy Smith, Ronald Nathan, Mary Brown, Michael Thompson, Beth Potter, Rosa Hughes, Karen House and Isabel Joan Hunter.

Helen Brown gave a reading and led the song on page 72b for the following sick and housebound: Barbara Townsend, June Meakin, Anthony Lane, Barbara Foster, John Hayto and Andrea Estle.


Dave Townsend called the class together with the song on page 363. Leaders: Margaret Gillanders 38t; Bob Lilley 518; Helen Brown 200; Dave Cooper 474; Sheila Girling Smith 347; Edwin Macadam 236; Mandy Townsend 163t; Jill Thompson 99; Steve Fletcher 117; Rosalind Oldham 276; Simon Beirne 361; Jill Thompson 217; Steve Fletcher 128; Dave Richardson 335. After notices, thanks were given to all concerned with organising the day, including Gill West. Ruth Cooper led the closing prayer and Ian West and Helen Brown closed the proceedings by leading the song on page 566.

Chairman : Ian West; Arranging Committee : Dave Richardson and Helen Brown


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