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Haworth Methodist Chapel
West Yorkshire



West Yorkshire Sacred Harp Day
Second Singing Day
West Lane Methodist Church
West Yorkshire BD22 8EL
Saturday, 20 November 2004

The second West Yorkshire Sacred Harp Day began at 10 a.m. with a singing class with Cath Tyler in which the class sang 33b and 107.


The class was called to order at 11.15 a.m. by Chris Brown leading 159. John Hopkinson offered the morning prayer.  Leaders: Judy Whiting 503; Mick Verrier 49t; Ruth Steggles 171; Edwin Macadam 287; Margaret Gillanders 228; Hannah Cooper 49b; Paul Gailiunas 163b for Jill Thompson; Helen Brown 39t; Isabelle Walker 84; Anna Stadward 299; Ros Oldham 473; Phil Tyler 300; David Stow 350; Sheila Girling Macadam 65; Cath Tyler 70b.

The memorial lesson was led by Sheila Girling Macadam who read the names of the deceased; Gladys Reynolds, John Peel, Ron Walmsley, Eddie Thompson, Irene Land, Mark Tindall, Trevor Withall, Elizabeth Mary Phillips, David Spencer, Margaret Jackman, E Wahlman, Venice Manley, Fred Greenwood, Allen Fannin and Marian Irvine. Sheila closed with 146.

Phil Tyler spoke for the sick and housebound and read the names of Hazel Walker, Mary Kellaway, Stan Whiting, Mick Whiting, John Birmingham, James Oss, Rick Kelley, Constance Fishwick, Gladwys Carlin, Nora Hirschel, David Aizelwood, Jonathan Hayward and John Powell. Phil Tyler closed with 101t. Judy Whiting led 68b.


The afternoon session was opened by Chris Brown with 128 and 127. Leaders: Ruth Steggles 476, 447; Mick Verrier 201, 383; Benny Ross 143; Edwin Macadam 186, 497; Margaret Gillanders 313b, 142; Hannah Cooper 40, 312b; Paul Gailiunas 196, 178; Judy Whiting 448b, 318.


Leaders: Cath Tyler 34b, 532; Helen Brown 47t, 556; Chris Brown led Forster 40 in Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music Part the Second, 277; Anna Stadward 107, 86; David Stow 354b, 452; Isabelle Walker 504, 272.

There was a business meeting in which it was decided to reconvene on the
third Saturday of November 2005.

Leaders: Phil Tyler 37b, 454; Sheila Girling Macadam 198, 474.

Helen Brown led the closing Prayer and Cath Tyler led 347.

Secretary--Chris Brown

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