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Sussex Shapenote Singing
Village Hall
Haywards Heath,
West Sussex
Saturday, 18 February 2005


Tony Singleton

49t Jill Thompson
287 Edwin Macadam
47t Paul Setford
28b Sheila Girling Macadam
66 Rachel Jordan
34b Steve Fletcher
40 Tony Singleton
299 Jill Thompson
107 Edwin Macadam
45t Steve Fletcher
37b Paul Setford
319 Paul Wyatt
350 Sheila Girling Macadam
178 Mavis Clay and Rachel Jordan
163b Caroline Edwards
474 Rachel Jordan
277 Tony Singleton
99 Jill Thompson and Mave Hobbs
201 Steve Fletcher
504 Edwin Macadam
168 Paul Setford
203 Paul Wyatt
186 Sheila Girling Macadam
143 Ros Hall
48t Caroline Edwards
269 Rachel Jordan




Lunch recess


496 Tony Singleton
497 Jill Thompson
547 Steve Fletcher
189 Paul Setford
515 Edwin Macadam
324 Dave Cooper
391 Paul Wyatt
147t Sheila Girling Macadam




Remembrance Lesson *


475 Paul Wyatt
155 Linda Fleischman
344 Caroline Edwards
480 Rachel Jordan
146 Steve Fletcher
Hourly Blessings Tony Singleton own composition
454 Jill Thompson
503 Mavis Clay and Rachel Jordan
86 Caroline Edwards
159 Paul Setford
236 Edwin Macadam
29t Paul Wyatt
452b Dave Cooper
282 Richard Scarf and Rachel Jordan
142 Sheila Girling Macadam
198 Jill Thompson
361 Jill Thompson (for Jan Green)
273 Caroline Edwards
272 Rachel Jordan
448t Steve Fletcher
117 Pete Venables and Tony Singleton
473 Paul Setford
267 Sandra Goddard and Jill Thompson
209 Tony Singleton

60 songs sung
23 attended

Records provided by Tony Singleton

* Remembrance Lesson for: Isabelle Walker, Arwen Lockley, Doon O'Riordan, Eddie Thompson, John Hocutt, John Mason, Tom King, Christopher Walker, Mike B.


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