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The Fasola listing is possibly the most complete there is on the subject of shapenote singing, but our page is a very good starting point.

Please feel free to suggest additions !

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Video and other clips

With the advent of YouTube, a plethora of video clips - mostly American - have appeared, and the following pages show but a few.

Suggestions welcome as to others to include, either as links, or reproduced in full.

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Music, Cds, etc

A small selection of the many CDs, DVDs, etc now on the market

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Several pages of recipes are available on the web for Dinner on the Grounds, although most, if not all, use American quantities and ingredients - some of them only obtainable on the other side of the Atlantic. Sample some of their ideas here.

'Bring and Share', or 'Potluck' are expressions possibly which more readily come to mind by those unused to this American tradition, but the recipes themselves may spark ideas for British recipes of our own.

Can we have a section of favourites from this side of the Atlantic? All contributions will be very welcome!

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Additional verses

Many people ask why there are so few verses to the songs in the Sacred Harp, whereas Northern Harmony, for instance, has several more set to the music, and again more verses appear in a supplement at the end of the book.

Traditionally, relatively few verses have been set, and, especially at large singings, not all those which have been set are actually used. This is usually in an effort to get as many leaders as possible into the square during the day.

Here are some extra verses which some may like to use. Needless to say, no such collection would ever be complete.

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