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Jean Cousin's Memorial Sing
St Marks Church
Oulton Broad
Saturday, 9 February 2009

Rev Ian Bentley said an opening prayer. Mick Verrier taught a singing school. The class sang 312b, 49t, 276 and 312b again.


Michael Walker called the class to order with 445. Leaders: Rachel Jordan 178; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 47b; Nick Hall 155; Edwin Macadam 501; Mick Verrier 201; Sheila Girling Macadam 63; Sharon Langridge 159; Judy Whiting 68b; Steve Welch 503; Benny Ross 106; Chris Brown 127; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 163b; Michael Walker 306; Sheila Girling Macadam 38b; Nick Hall 36b; Steve Welch 147t; Mick Verrier 268; Rachel Jordan 34b; Judy Whiting 171; Chris Brown 35; Sharon Langridge and Lynne Cousins 350; Edwin Macadam 198. Rev. Marilyn Zipfel gave thanks for the noon meal.


Sharon Langridge called the class back to order and led 117. Leaders: Benny Ross 40; Chris Brown 362; Steve Welch 473; Michael Walker 70t; Rachel Jordan 48t.

Mick Verrier conducted the memorial lesson and read the names of the deceased: Jean and Rex Cousins of Lowestoft, Marie Holloway of Maryland, Jack Walne of Beaconsfield, Margaret Clay of Stockport, Trevor Sanderson, Betty Wilson of Co Durham, Rose Adelaide Baker of Lowell, Massachusetts, Ian Ferguson of Bournemouth, Yvonne Blake of Hertford and Brian Straughton of Essex. Nick Hall led 86.

Emily Verrier read the names of the sick and housebound: John Plunkett, Melita Chynoweth, Erik Mogensen, Jack Crawford, John Green, Myrtle Ann Ballard, Mrs Rollo Woods, Sue Arloff, Kathy Armstrong, Leo McGuigan and David Lee. For them Judy Whiting led 490. Rev Ian Bentley led a prayer.

Leaders: Nick Hall 497; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 457; Sheila Girling Macadam 474; Mick Verrier 272; Edwin Macadam 183; Michael Walker 168.


Benny Ross called the class to order leading 274t. Leaders: Judy Whiting 273; Sharon Langridge 270; Chris Brown 330b; Steve Welch 287; Rachel Jordan 481; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 143; Sheila Girling Macadam 299; Mick Verrier 163t; Edwin Macadam 236; Benny Ross 441; Nick Hall 515.

Lynne Cousins, Judy Whiting, Chris Brown and Michael Walker led 350, Jean’s favourite, as the closing song. Rev. Ian Bentley offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Lynne Cousins; Secretary—Chris Brown.




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