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The UK Sacred Harp and Shapenote Community has it own Group email run by Yahoo. As this is a free service there are various related (and unrelated) links, but no pop-ups. The URL for the Yahoo site is:
and is a useful adjunct to the published lists of singings, etc.

You need to subscribe first by sending a message as detailed below. The site is not moderated, so from time to time unsuitable messages have been known to appear.  Enjoy!!

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Fasola List hosts two different mailing lists of shapenote music enthusiasts, numbering over 650 subscribers and including traditional singers and enthusiasts as well as scholars and performing artists. Both are moderated lists, and serve different purposes.

The singings list focuses on traditional fasola singing experiences (and closely related topics). These include such items as announcements of upcoming singings, major events in singers lives (such as deaths, serious illness, and births), introductions of new singers, reports of singing conventions, and of course recipes for dinner on the grounds!

The discussions list focuses on historical and technical aspects of shape-note singing. Examples of topics include tunebook history, shape note pedagogy, musicological analysis, as well as reviews of books, recordings, articles, and conferences.

The two lists are separately moderated—there is no auto-forwarding of off-topic messages from one list to the other. The moderators will generally strive to keep discourse on the lists focused, civil in tone, and within the topical scope of their design.


To subscribe to either list, fill in your e-mail address in the appropriate box below, or click the link to learn more about the subscribing process. Your request will usually be approved within 1 day.

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You will automatically receive a confirmation by return e-mail. Once subscribed, you’ll receive an informational message about the list.

Much more detail can be found on the Fasola website at


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